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How CBD Boosts Immunity

by Route 40 Home & Wellness

Due to the recent global health crisis, the saying “health is wealth” has become even more evident. By now you’ve probably scoured the internet looking for ways to boost your immunity and protect yourself from viruses. 

While there isn’t a miracle product for superior immunity, there is something that comes close to it — CBD oil. 

Although there haven’t been conclusive studies done on the effectiveness of CBD oil on your immune system, the research is promising. 

Some studies have even found that CBD oil and other endocannabinoids help improve your immune system and overall health. 

Keep reading to find out why CBD oil is one of the best virus-fighting essential oils. 

Essential Oils and Your Immune System

We’re exposed to billions of harmful microorganisms a day. Our immune system is what helps fight them off and keep us healthy. Things like nutrition and exercise help keep your immune system strong, but essential oils also play a role in total health. 

Essential oils are known to strengthen your immune system and destroy harmful viruses and bacteria. One study, published in A Journal of Clinical Therapeutics, found that inhaling eucalyptus oil fights bacteria that causes tuberculosis and MRSA.

Research has also shown that essential oils like oregano can combat herpes simplex, rotavirus, and some respiratory viruses. 

So, what about CBD oil? Does it possess the same virus and bacteria-fighting properties?

CBD and Immunity

CBD oil works a little differently than most essential oils. While it doesn't directly destroy harmful viruses and microbes, they help to keep your immune system in check. 

You see, CBD oil acts on our body’s endocannabinoid system. This system helps to regulate our immune system by restoring balance within our bodies. 

CBD is known as an immunomodulator which means it makes sure our immune system is doing its job. It ensures that overactive or underactive immune systems effectively respond to antibodies. With a well-functioning immune system, our bodies can fight off harmful bacteria and viruses. 

With its powerful immune-boosting properties, does this mean CBD oil can cure viral infections? Unfortunately, there’s not enough research to support this claim. But, what we do know is that CBD oil is one small component to overall health. 

Don’t Forget About Other Virus Fighting Essential Oils 

CBD oil may be the talk of the health and wellness world, but let’s not count out other virus-fighting essential oils. Along with the eucalyptus and oregano, essential oils like lemongrass, cedarwood, and frankincense also help restore your health. 

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