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How Does the Immune System Work?

by Route 40 Home & Wellness

With the COVID-19 outbreak, doctors and researchers have been talking more and more about the immune system. We all know that it’s our immune system that keeps us healthy. But how many of us know how it works? Are you familiar with all of the different cells of the immune system? Or the ways that you can strengthen it, such as using virus-fighting essential oils?

How does our immune system work to protect us?

Think of the immune system as our personal defense system. It represents a complicated yet highly effective network. This network is made of different cells, tissues, and organs. They are all working closely together to achieve their goal of protecting our bodies. 

We cannot talk about the immune system without mentioning the white blood cells. There are different types of white blood cells, leukocytes, in the body. Each of them has a different function and, as such, contributes to the efficiency of the immune system. The phagocytes, for example, have the task to chew the invading organisms. The ones that interest us the most are the lymphocytes.

There are two types of lymphocytes – the B and the T lymphocytes. The lymphocytes are produced in the bone marrow. After that, some of them stay inside of it and mature into the B lymphocytes. The rest goes into the thymus gland and mature into T lymphocytes. They work closely together whenever an invading organism enters the body. The B cells are responsible for identifying and capturing the invader. The T cells then proceed to destroy the invader, thus keeping us healthy. 

It’s important that we mention the difference between antibodies and antigens. Antibodies are the proteins produced by the B lymphocytes. This happens when the B lymphocytes have been exposed to an antigen. An antigen is a molecule that stimulates the immune response, which we explained earlier. This can be a virus, fungi, bacterium, or a foreign body. 

No two immune systems are the same. As we grow older, our immune system becomes stronger. This can explain why babies and children get sick more often as compared to adults. It’s because their immune system has no stored antibodies and needs to start creating them. 

But some ways help us strengthen our immune system. Essential oils such as tea tree, orange, and peppermint are some of the best essential oils for immunity. The link between CBD and immunity is quite a strong one as well. Research suggests that the regular use of CBD can result in a stronger immune system. Getting enough exercise and following a healthy diet are important methods as well. 

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