Dog Anxiety? We Love Our Pets - Let's Help Them Stay Calm

by Route 40 Home & Wellness

Our pets are family members, so when they are upset or anxious, we want to do everything we can to help them relax. There are a number of things you can do to help ease the overwhelm of dog anxiety. Following are some proven suggestions from pet experts.

Exercise in nature

A lot of anxiety in a dog can stir up excess energy, and this needs to be released. We know humans do well to get in daily exercise, and it’s no different for our dogs. Provide plenty of physical affection and friendly chatter while taking them out to play, too. Get their happy endorphins rolling and they will truly benefit (as will you).

Touch therapy

Dogs love a caring caress and repetitive petting from someone they love and trust. Cuddle them, pet them, stroke the places they like such as the head and behind the ears. This is a welcome action by nearly every dog on the planet.

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Massage therapy

Did you know dogs have pressure points and muscle responses like we do when it comes to proper massage treatments? They can be calmed and encouraged to relax their tense, anxious muscles when you incorporate some strategic massage maneuvers on their form. Start with slow, repetitive strokes at the neck, then work downward, keeping one hand still on the dog’s side while the other does the massage technique. You can perform dipping finger movements throughout the back and perhaps even sense where the tight, stressed areas are to massage a little longer. Many dogs love this routine as it promotes bonding and home wellness.

Pet calming spray

Be sure to use approved homeopathic lines that are safe for your dog, and follow directions carefully. There are some highly effective calming remedies for dog anxiety in popular pet calming spray formulas. You can use it on their bedding, toys, favorite areas, and most are safe for furniture and fabrics, as well. The effects are usually fast, and have been shown to calm anxiousness, too much barking, distrust with strangers, sleeplessness, and even depression.

Route 40 Wellness Dog Anxiety Solutions

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety or another form of chronic upset, try these solutions. Talk with a trusted veterinarian if problems persist or other questions arise about your pet’s issues. If you decide to try a pet calming spray, check out the option at Route 40. Many customers have praised its effectiveness for dog anxiety. Let us know how it works for your beloved dog, too.

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