EFT - Instant Pain Relief Literally at Your Fingertips

by Jeremy Kean

You have probably seen a fantasy movie where a wizard shoots bolts of energy from his hand. That fantasy can become a reality when you harness the natural healing power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping. Modern health professionals are beginning to believe that your brain can offer pain relieving solutions which are stronger, more capable and more immediate than some traditionally prescribed medications.


EFT is based on that power of your mind to control psychological and physiological processes and responses. Consider EFT as a sort of "psychological acupressure". It is based on the same multiple energy centers in your body that acupuncturists have used to treat emotional and physical problems for thousands of years. Instead of needles, a simple repetitive tapping of fingertips is used to move kinetic, real energy to a specific area of your body.


This works in combination with a calm and focused concentration on the pain you are trying to remove. EFT has proven successful for removing emotional pain from traumatic events as well as crippling addictions and physical pains. Many times, positive affirmations are spoken as the tapping is performed.


Alternative, natural pain treatment methods like EFT used to be considered pseudoscience by most doctors and health professionals. Some still view EFT as a fringe approach to pain treatment at best. However, with thousands of EFT practitioners around the world, and even more satisfied patients, the tapping technique of EFT might just be what you need to relieve the psychological and physical pains in your life.

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