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How To Recover After Working Out: 3 Simple Ways to Beat Post-Workout Fatigue

by Route 40 Home & Wellness

Keep reading for a few different ways to recover after working out.

Your New Year's Resolution stuck this year and you’ve made hitting the gym an integral part of your week and you’re making all the gains – your arms and legs are filling out nicely, not to mention that core! Superman would be jealous.  But as you’ve mastered the delicate art of locker room small talk, and bench press etiquette, you still have a major pain point – post-workout fatigue. 

Ouch! There’s nothing worse than waking up the night after a great leg-day to legs so shaky you can barely walk down the stairs without hugging the banister – or worse taking a midday stretch at your desk and groaning a bit as your core lights up like fireworks.  

We’re here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way. Here’s out 3 super-duper ultra-amazing post workouts MUST HAVES to get ahead of the curve on recovery: 

  1. Skip the energy drink and head straight for nature's wine: Water 

It’s so obvious that we skip right over it. Honestly though? Think about it: you’ve sweat through your clothes and had to wipe down the press bench like three times. Where is all that fluid coming from? Your body’s water stores! Make sure to bring along a water bottle and start ingesting water right after your workout to rehydrate. Water is an important component of so many of your body's recovery functions including those involved in muscle and tissue repair.  


Don’t even think about hitting the gym to train the same muscle group two days in a row. Your muscles take 24 to 48 hours to repair after a workout. When you work out a muscle group, you’re essentially ripping it apart and allowing nature to build it back up again even stronger. When you don’t give your body the chance to repair, you’re not going to see gains in that muscle group because you’re not giving them a chance to build up. 

 Instead introduce stretching into your routine. A nice gentle stretch will increase blood flow to your muscles, which increases the transportation of waste products from your muscle and nutrients to them. This will help you recover after working out. A yoga class, or even a light hike, or walk around the neighborhood is an excellent way to keep moving while allowing your body to recover.  

recover after workout

3.  Natural Remedies  

There are several natural remedies that we absolutely swear by to recover after working out, the first being a good old fashion cold or warm compress. Get a clean cloth and soak with warmed water or chilled water and apply to the sore muscle this allows the muscle to become less tense and increase circulation. Another great remedy is using our very own Pain-B-Gone medley of essential blends and CBD Oil that acts as an anti-inflammation warrior. Seriously- it’s amazing!

Muscle Armor to recover after working out

We also have a product specifically for those who continually push the limits: Muscle Armor! This salve comes in a convenient roll-on or salve lotion, so you can easily apply before and after your routine to recover after working out. Apply liberally to muscles, joints, or any other troubled area to nullify pain so you can keep going past what you thought you were capable of!

At the end of the day the most important element of recovery is listening to YOUR body. If you feel like you just need a quick stretch and some water and you’re ready to hit the gym again the next day go for it! However, if you feel that you’re wearing thin and need to give yourself a break, this will prevent your fatigue from turning into an injury that will keep you out of the gym for longer than a day or two.  

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