Our Top 7 Favorite Fall Scented Candles

by Route 40 Home & Wellness

Our brain has the extraordinary ability to link scents with memories and recollect those memories when the scent is recognized. Many times this gift is amazing! When I smell cinnamon, I remember grandma’s house as a child. And the scent of freshly cut grass reminds me of summer. Unfortunately, some memories are attached to bad smells too and vise versa. 

I bring this up, because you don’t want to be associated with a bad smell. Each of our homes has a distinct aroma that we can’t detect because we are exposed to it so often, another one of our brains’ neat tricks. However, the moment a guest enters our homes, they are bombarded with our distinct smell, which is not always pleasant. I tell you this for your own good, friend. To save you from bad smell association, we’ve compiled a list of our top 7 favorite fall scented candles. May only good smells be with you!

Clean Cotton

Truthfully, this scent is never out of season and it’s one of the most pleasing, un-intrusive aromas out there. Stock up and use it all year long! 

Honey Crisp Apple Cider

You can probably smell it just reading the name. Isn’t it delicious?! 

Hot Maple Toddy

This scent has just recently joined our collection and it is irresistible. The warmth mingles with the sweetness creating that quintessential fall feeling. 

Toasted Marshmallow

Toasted marshmallow is another one of our new scents. You’ll feel like your sitting around a campfire on a chilly evening with good friends. 

Hazelnut Coffee

This one speaks for itself...just make sure you have coffee and creamer on hand when you light this candle. 

Pumpkin Spice

Not only is this scent one of our favorites here at Kelly’s Boutique, it is very trendy right now. 

Sweet Orange Cinnamon Clove

This one is also a new addition to our collection. We love this blend of spicy citrus which lends an air of cleanliness and warmth to any space. 

Find our full collection of candles and soy melts at https://route40wellness.com/shop.

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