Sniff, Swallow or Rub Essential Oils for Natural Relief for Arthritis

by Jeremy Kean

There are more than 60 essential oils (EOs) which have been shown to possess analgesic properties. If something has analgesic powers, that means it is capable of partially reducing or even entirely relieving pain.

What exactly is an essential oil? According to the natural healing website TheAlternativeDaily.com, essential oils are:
"Potent and highly concentrated oils of plants, which many of our modern medicines are actually derived from — without the added chemical content."

The vital essence of plants, herbs, flowers and trees is removed. Because this product is the essential natural component of that herb or flower, it is extremely powerful. A very small amount of essential oils can go a long way towards offering pain relief.

As the title of this post mentions, some essential oils can be taken internally. If you choose to take internally always consult with a physician or alternative holistic medical professionals). Other essential oils are more effective when used with a diffuser that mists the healing properties of the oil into your surrounding air. In many cases, an essential oil can be used as a base to make a mixture or rub that can be applied directly to your skin for pain relief.

Some of the most popular essential oils that have analgesic properties include wintergreen, lavender, spruce, marjoram, chamomile, sandalwood, eucalyptus, ginger and rosemary.

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