RECIPES: Top 3 Seasonal Depression Essential Oil Blends to Improve Wellbeing

by Jeremy Kean

Seasonal depression affects many people each year. The good news is, there are ways to manage it naturally! Essential oils are a great way to practice aromatherapy and reduce stress in your every day life. Check out our top 3 seasonal depression essential oil blends below!

You can use these recipes to make a diffuser blend, or a roll on for topical application.

Equipment and ingredient list

  1. Amber Bottle with euro dropper lid
  2. Roll-on bottle (10ml)
  3. The essential oils listed below
  4. Carrier oil of your choice - we like coconut, hemp seed, apricot kernel or grapeseed!
  5. Label
  6. Diffuser

Woodsy Mint

Top Notes
Basil - 3 Drops
Bergamot - 4 Drops

Middle Notes
Peppermint - 4 drops
Patchouli - 2 drops

Base Note
Frankincense - 3-4 drops

Fruity & Uplifting

Top Note
Bergamot - 9 drops

Middle Note
Clary Sage - 5 drops

Base Note
Cedarwood - 4 drops

Floral Woods

Top Notes
Geranium - 6 drops
Basil - 3 drops

Middle Notes
Lavender - 4 drops
Rosewood - 3 drops

Base Note
Ylang Ylang - 3 drops

Instructions to make blend or roll-on:

  1. Take out the bottle that you will be using. We recommend a 5 ml or 15 ml amber glass bottle with the euro dropper cap.
  2. Start with your base note oils and work up to the top notes.
  3. Use a plastic pipette to draw out the essential oil and add drops into bottle.
  4. Repeat step 3 using a fresh pipette for each oil.
  5. If it is a diffuser blend you will not cut it with anything, if it is a 10 ml roller ball, you will add the drops from the recipe and top off bottle with your carrier oil of choice.
  6. For 5 ml diffuser blend, multiply drops by 5, and for 15 ml bottle diffuser blend, multiply by 15.

NOTE: 20 drops = 1 ml

Printable: Top 3 Seasonal Depression Essential Oil Blends

Download our printable recipe cards:

depression essential oil blends

Download as a PDF:

Struggling with your mood during these cold months? Along with these recipes for depression essential oil blends, check out our previous post on other ways to deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder naturally.

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