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Top 3 Things You Should Know About CBD Before You Buy

by Route 40 Home & Wellness

Important Things To Consider First

In today's current CBD landscape it is becoming harder and harder to seperate the ethical legit companies selling CBD, and the ones that are using marketing tactics to confuse consumers.

It is important to learn about the company and how they get their CBD. It is ok to question a local retailer about

  • How CBD Works In Your Body?
  • How Much Should I Take?
  • What Product Containing CBD Would Work Best?
  • Where Did It Come From?
  • Where Is The CBD Lab Test For Product?

If the retailer cannot or won't answer those questions I would strongly consider trying somewhere else.

Let's assume they pass the first test, read below and make sure these Top 3 Things You Should Know About CBD Before You Buy are in place.


cbd label

Companies are getting trickier and trickier with their labeling practices. Why? Money and Greed. Here is how they do it.

When CBD is produced it is much the same as Vodka or Olive Oil. The first run produces a certain potency of CBD. Typically this is around 10% actual CBD by volume. So let's add numbers to this example. Let's say you have a label that says 1500mg Hemp Extract Oil, and other places on the bottle CBD is mentioned or in a banner.  You would think 1500mg of CBD correct?

WRONG! That whole bottle possibly only contains 150mg of CBD. Make sure you look for words such as CBD, Cannabidol, next to the mg.


Check out the website or facebook of retailer while you are shopping. Look for reviews or testimonials from actual customers who have paid for the product. See if it is working for them before you buy.

You could also ask around to other professionals you trust such as a nurse, chiropractor, doctor, holistic professional, or massage therapist in the area. Sometimes there is a clear authority in the marketspace.


Always remember that everyone's body chemistry is different when it comes to dosing. What will work for one person won't work for another. The best way to get to your best dose is to take cbd like you bbq, "low and slow". 

Start with a small dose like 10mg per day. See how you feel after a 5-7 days. If you feel nothing or very little then up the dose 5mg. Repeat the same 5-7 days. Judge how you feel again. Repeat increasing 2.5mg -5mg every 5-7 days until you feel no more increased benefit or a worsen feeling. Sometimes once you cross the perfect dose, your body will tell you. Go back to last dose where you felt best.

I am here to answer questions regardless where you buy your product. Call me anytime 765-598-5777

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